As Essay Clinician

University of Toronto

Philosophy Essay Clinic (St. George Campus), Spring 2022

As Teaching Assistant

University of Toronto

(*Online due to Covid-19)

PHL367H5 F Issues in Philosophy and Feminism,* Fall 2021

PHLB99H3 F Philosophical Writing and Methodology,* Fall 2021

PHL243H1 S Philosophy of Human Sexuality,* Spring 2021

PHL246H1 F Probability and Inductive Logic,* Fall 2020

PHL388H1 F Literature and Philosophy, Summer 2020

PHL101Y1 Y Introduction to Philosophy, Year 2019 - 2020

PHL103H5 S Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality, Spring 2019

PHL242H5 F Philosophy and Science Fiction, Fall 2018

Harvard University

PHL S-4 Introduction to Philosophy, Summer 2017

Brandeis University

PHL 106b Mathematical Logic, Spring 2018

PHL 113b Aesthetics: Painting Photography and Film, Spring 2018

PHL 6a Introduction to Symbolic Logic, Fall 2017

PHL1a Introduction to Philosophy, Spring 2017

PHL1a Introduction to Philosophy, Fall 2016

The College of Wooster

PHIL 22000 Logic & Philosophy, Spring 2015