Teaching in 2024-25 [Coming Soon!]

University of Toronto, Scarborough

PHLB04H3: Philosophy and Literature, Fall 2024

PHLB05H3: Social Issues, Fall 2024

PHLB02H3: Environmental Ethics, Winter 2025

PHLC06H3: Topics in Ethical Theory, Winter 2025

Past Courses

University of Toronto, Scarborough 

PHLB30H3 F Existentialism, Summer 2024
Existentialism has been called “perhaps the most misunderstood of modern philosophical positions” (Kaufmann, 1975). Narrowly construed, it defends the metaphysical position that, for humankind, ‘existence precedes essence.’ What this means—and what it means for us—will be the primary subjects of this course. Along the way, we will explore themes of absurdity, authenticity, freedom, and responsibility. Authors discussed include Dostoevsky, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Kafka, Jaspers, Heidegger, Sartre, de Beauvoir, Fanon, and Camus.

University of Toronto, St. George
*Martha Lile Love & FAS Superior Teaching awards course

PHL275H1 S Introduction to Ethics, Summer 2023
What is morality, and why should we care? Doesn’t our disagreement about ethical claims suggest that morality is all just relative, anyway? This course explores these questions and more while introducing students to key ethical theories such as deontology, virtue ethics, consequentialism, and ethics of care as plausible responses to “the challenge of relativism”. The course also introduces students to the activities of philosophical writing and analysis, with a particular focus on argument reconstruction and evaluation.

PHL388H1 F Literature and Philosophy, Summer 2022*
This upper-year course pairs two of existential philosopher Albert Camus’ most influential works: his essay, The Myth of Sisyphus and his novel, The Plague.  Read together, these texts advance Camus’ view that ‘philosophical revolt’ (living passionately in spite of life’s inherent meaninglessness) is the solution to the ‘problem of suicide’ (the problem of whether life is worth living, given its meaninglessness). As such, the course is a philosophical and literary journey from nihilism into optimism; from anxiety and grief into hope. Themes analyzed include freedom, absurdity, the good life, and death.

University of Toronto, Department of Computer Science

CSC001H1Y Embedded Ethics Project, Spring 2024
CSC001H1Y Embedded Ethics Project, Fall 2023
CSC001H1Y Embedded Ethics Project, Summer 2023

As Lead Writing Teaching Assistant

Department of Philosophy, 2023-2024
Department of Philosophy, 2022-2023

As Head Teaching Assistant

University of Toronto

PHL100Y1 Y Introduction to Philosophy, Fall 2022

As Tutorial Leader

University of Toronto 

PHL101Y1 Y Introduction to Philosophy, Year 2019 - 2020

PHL103H5 S Introduction to Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality, Spring 2019

As Grader

University of Toronto 

(*Online due to Covid-19)

PHL383H1 S Ethics and Mental Health, Spring 2024

PHL367H5 F Issues in Philosophy and Feminism, Fall 2023

PHL375H1F Ethics, Summer 2023

PHL367H5 F Issues in Philosophy and Feminism,* Fall 2021

PHLB99H3 F Philosophical Writing and Methodology,* Fall 2021

PHL243H1 S Philosophy of Human Sexuality,* Spring 2021

PHL388H1 F Literature and Philosophy,* Summer 2020

PHL242H5 F Philosophy and Science Fiction, Fall 2018

As Teaching Assistant

Harvard University

PHL S-4 Introduction to Philosophy, Summer 2017

Brandeis University

PHL 106b Mathematical Logic, Spring 2018

PHL 113b Aesthetics: Painting Photography and Film, Spring 2018

PHL 6a Introduction to Symbolic Logic, Fall 2017

PHL1a Introduction to Philosophy, Spring 2017

PHL1a Introduction to Philosophy, Fall 2016

The College of Wooster

PHIL 22000 Logic & Philosophy, Spring 2015

As Essay Clinician

University of Toronto 

Philosophy Essay Clinic (St. George Campus), Spring 2022


Faculty of Arts & Science Superior Graduate Student Course Instructor Teaching Award, University of Toronto, 2023

Martha Lile Love Teaching Award, Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto, 2022

TA Teaching Excellence Award Nominee, University of Toronto, 2020



Teaching Fundamentals, Teaching Assistants' Training Program (TATP), University of Toronto, 2020

Student Mental Health

LivingWorks START,  Health and Wellness, University of Toronto, 2020

Identify, Assist, Refer, Health and Wellness, University of Toronto, 2020